1. Start each day with a to-do list

Maybe I’m a bit nerdy, but TO-DO LISTS are the greatest!!! If you do not do this already, seriously consider making to-do lists every morning. When you’re a busy college student, you have a lot on your plate: Juggling your homework, studying for exams, participating in clubs, working a job, making time for a social life and trying to get enough sleep is hard! To-do lists let you keep clear goals you can set for yourself each day, and it can help your memory. Also, writing in planners are very beneficial to keep up with due dates and special occasions.

2. Learn one new thing before you start your day

Jeez, please don’t think I’m nerdy. Okay, think what you want. I’ll accept the nerdiness, but this is pretty fun. Learn a new word, a new joke, fun fact or memorize a positive quote. This simple task is a really great way to start your day. You never know when you can use that fancy-shmancy new word (Note to self: look in the thesaurus for a better word than fancy-schmancy) or when you can crack a joke, use that random fact to contribute to a conversation or use that inspiring quote to boost your mood.

3. Feel the music!

Do yourself a mega favor and put in your headphones while you walk to class. It’s quite amazing because you feel like your the protagonist on an angst coming of age movie. Walk to the soundtrack of your life as you avoid people in the quad shoving flyers in your face. No, Josh. I most certainly do not want to join the math club. Quite frankly, I am a mass communications major because I still can’t do 8th grade math! Make sure to take in your surroundings while you listen to your favorite tunes. Watch the tree leaves blow gently in the wind or the on-campus squirrels dig through the trash. Take in every moment and enjoy it.

4. Go to class and pay attention

Did you just say “duhhhh!” in your head? Well, excuse me, but some people need to read this paragraph. If you’re not that person, well, just move a long… I know sometimes it’s wayyy too cold outside or the apartment next to yours was sooo loud last night, and you didn’t get any sleep. But don’t let these obstacles stand in the way of your successful academic career. I promise you, if you go to class every single day, pay attention and participate in class discussions, you will enjoy school more and perform better on assignments and exams. Also, do not be on your phone! You paid a lot of money for this education, so get your money’s worth! Come on, how long are you in class? two hours at the most? You can do it! You don’t need to be on your phone all the time. Hey, it’s okay, go ahead and put it in your bag. I’m so proud of you. Not to mention, being on your phone is disrespectful to your professors.

5. Study one-two hours a day

It’s definitely hard to find time to study everyday after going to class. However, it is so beneficial for you if you spend two hours looking over lecture notes and reading the textbooks. This will help you retain the information you just learned and when it comes time for the exam, you will crush it!!!

6. Eat something good for your body or your soul

I would say, aim to eat healthier, kiddos! But who am I kidding, sometimes, it’s been one of those days and you actually are in dire need of those Chick-Fil-A chicken nuggets (In fact, I ate some today).

The point is, food is important, and try to be conscious of what you’re consuming. Sure, Tostino’s Pizza Rolls are yummy and all, but where in the H*ll do those even come from?! Perhaps, try to cut out the preservative freezer foods out of your diet and fast food. Try eating some brain food such as nuts, fruits, and other healthy foods like that.

There’s so many ways you can learn to be a conscious eater. But, I’ll do that for another blog post. Pretty neat stuff.

8. Clean your room

And keep it that way, Missy (or Mister)! Having a messy room can actually lead individuals to feel higher stress levels. So, take a moment, throw your dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Don’t you dare put it on that chair because you know it’s going to sit there for an entire week.Throw away any food or old water bottles in your room. Cut the clutter, in your room and your mind. I know maintaining a clean room is difficult, especially for me. It’s a pretty challenging task, but from my personal experience, a clean room just makes my head space feel so clear and at peace.

9. Make time to socialize

Especially with GOOD PEOPLE. Seeing your friends almost every day is so beneficial for your mental health. You need someone to talk to you about what’s on your mind or someone to share a laugh with or a hug.

Even a phone call or Facetime to a parent or sibling can help.

So go text this your best friend right now: Tacos tomorrow? U in or U out? Trust me, they will be in. Who can turn down tacos and seeing your awesome face! Win, win!

10. Use one hour to do something that you love

Whether that’s exercising, roller skating, creating art, reading, writing, or watching three episodes of The Office on Netflix. Self-care is some of the best care. Make some time for whatever you want to do. Go ahead, pamper yourself. It was a long day. You deserve it. 🙂

Oh! and don’t forget to finish each day with a nice, steamy, hot shower. It’s been such a long productive day, and you probably stank. Go to bed feeling clean and clear minded. Get ready for an awesome day tomorrow!

These are the ways that I stay motivated and in a positive state of mind. Let me know if you try any of my methods and if you think they work. Also, what do you do to be productive day to day? How do you stay happy within the midst school and life stresses? Let me know in the comments!

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